Gift Shop

Gift Shop is a full-stack partner for local businesses like restaurants, coffee shops, and hotel gift shops to design, produce, and fulfill a non-core but increasingly profitable business line - merch.

Baton Market

Baton is building a marketplace to enable SMB acquisitions with tools to help business owners unlock liquidity and let buyers access this gigantic, fragmented asset class. They are angling to be the Zillow of SMB acquisitions.


Plot is an end-to-end creative operations platform for teams to plan projects, access deliverables and cross-collaborate in one powerful source of truth.


Earn rewards and savings on every purchase, automatically find more ways to save on your finances, and get paid for sharing more data.

Liquid Death (exited)

Producer of canned mountain water from the alps intended to refresh and quench thirst. Infinitely recyclable.

Sagra Farms

Stay on sustainable farms, eat delicious food and connect with nature.


Creates superfood solutions to help you feel like your best self. Unlock gut balance, glowing skin, and all-day energy — naturally.


Producers of the world's first biodegradable water bottle - on a mission to end the world's reliance on plastic.

Popshop Live

Discover, interact, and shop with live videos. A mobile live streaming marketplace where users create their own pop-up shops and communities.


Cutting-edge wellness technology from the makers of Theragun massage gun. Recover faster with therapy devices and natural solutions for everybody.


An investing platform that allows people to invest in stocks, ETFs, crypto, art, NFTs, collectibles, and more – all in one place.


A clean hair care brand rooted in Latinx heritage. Ceremonia is on a mission to empower a confident natural that feels as good as it looks.


Provider of international shipping services intended to help brands reach their global potential.


Keto-friendly, plant-based drinks infused with functional mushrooms and adaptogens to fuel your creativity.

Eight Sleep

Sleep fitness products intended to improve sleep through personalized temperature, smarter data and patented technology.


Designed to ensure financial freedom for creators by providing the tools they need to get paid what they're worth.


Base is a data-science app paired with at-home lab testing to help you improve your health based on gathering data on a regular basis.


Developer of payment platform and infrastructure designed to facilitate and streamline cryptocurrency transactions.


Financial services platform designed to help recurring revenue businesses to grow efficiently by providing non-dilutive funding.


Everyday eco-friendly cleaning and pesonal care products to save you money and space, without any plastic waste.


The fastest email client ever. Fly through your inbox twice as fast as before. Achieve Inbox Zero.


The easy-to-use, all-in-one app for live podcasters. Stream, take questions, record, edit, publish, and share content with your audience!

Chill House

A skin and beauty brand, and new-age spa offering facials, massages, nail and pedicure services alongside a wellness cafe.

1st Dibs (exited)

A marketplace for rare and desirable objects in furniture, luxury fashion, fine art, and jewelry.

Kindbody (exited)

Provider of holistic health and fertility services, insurance, and clinics intended to improve access to health services for women.


A digital mindfulness studio offering experiences that support transformation and personal development.

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